ISU Director’s visit to Montenegro

State party, Montenegro, has an obligation under CCM Article 4 to complete clearance of all cluster munition remnants by its deadline of 1 August 2020.  At the 9MSP on 2 September 2019, Montenegro highlighted that its country coalition with Norway, through Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA), had been highly successful and that clearance activities were progressing well and that it was confident of fulfilling its Article 4 obligation before the deadline.

The Director-General of the Directorate for Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Interior, Mr. Mirsad Mulić, invited the ISU Director, Ms. Sheila N. Mweemba, for an official in-country visit to Montenegro from 9-10 December 2019. In Podgorica, the ISU Director met with Mr. Mulić and Mr. Milovan Joksimovic, Head of Department of UXO at the Ministry of Interior, who informed on the positive experiences and progress stemming from the international cooperation established under the country coalition concept. Also participating in the meeting was the Norwegian People’s Aid Mine Action and Disarmament team led by Ms. Alyson Lewis, Programme Manager, and Mr. Zoran Papic, Operations Manager.

The ISU Director also visited some of the task sites including one that is adjacent to the regularly functioning Podgorica International airport, where current clearance operations are being finalized. A team from Bosnia and Herzegovina has been implementing the programme, exhibiting another application of international cooperation and assistance in accordance with Article 6 of the Convention. The Director witnessed first-hand the challenges and complexities of the programme. She commended the team for the great work undertaken, and its diligence and commitment to the Convention. The Director was particularly delighted that Montenegro is on track to declare completion well ahead of its deadline.