Intersessional Meetings

During Intersessional Meetings, States and other stakeholders discuss progress made and challenges related to the implementation of obligations arising from the Convention on Cluster Munitions. Participants at the Intersessional Meetings include States as well as representatives from international organizations and civil society.

States Parties agreed at the First Review Conference held in Dubrovnik in September 2015 that until the following Review Conference in 2020, one Meeting of States Parties (MSP) would take place annually, with no Intersessional Meetings foreseen, and that the date, duration and location of these MSPs will remain within the purview of the President to decide with a default location in Geneva.

On these pages you will find statements and other relevant documents from past  Intersessional Meetings.

Past meetings:

The Fifth Intersessional meeting was held on 22-23 June 2015
The Fourth Intersessional Meeting was held on 7-9 April 2014
The Third Intersessional Meeting was held on 15-18 April 2013
The Second Intersessional Meeting was held on 16-19 April 2012
The First Intersessional Meeting was held on 27-30 June 2011