Workshop dedicated to the universalization of the CCM in North Africa and the Middle East

The workshop dedicated to the Universalization of the CCM in North Africa and the Middle East, was held at the Permanent Mission of New Zealand in Geneva on 27 May 2014.

Organized jointly by the Coordinators on Universalization of the CCM (Ghana and Norway) and the Coordinator on National Implementation Measures (New Zealand) with the support of ICRC, CMC and UNDP, aimed at raising awareness on the devastating effects of cluster munitions specially on civilians, and on actions undertaken by the international community in implementation of the CCM to prevent and/or to overcome them.

Agenda of the workshop

Welcome and opening remarks
– Host of the workshop/Coordinator on Universalization (Norway)

Interim ISU
Former President of the 2MSP (Lebanon)

Cluster munition problem and overview of cluster munitions in North-Africa and the Middle East and the importance and advantages of joining the CCM (CMC)

The Convention on Cluster Munitions: A treaty to end decades of civilian suffering
ICRC Film: The Convention on Cluster Munitions: Time to Act
– Obligations under the CCM (ICRC)

The necessary steps to ratify and implement the Convention at the national level  (New Zealand & ICRC)

Feedback from the States on the backgrounds documents sent, updates on the situation regarding cluster munition issues

Presentation of the support and expertise available to support the ratification process (ICRC, CMC)

Contact details at ICRC:
Lou Maresca, Senior Legal Adviser (based in Geneva)
Monia Ammar, Regional Legal Adviser, ICRC Regional Delegation – Cairo

Contact details at CMC:

Amy Little, Campaign Manager,

Documents in Arabic:
Convention on Cluster Munitions
Vientiane Action Plan
Article 7 reporting form

Briefing paper on the CCM (CMC)
Why and how all countries should join the CCM (CMC)
Memo on the use of cluster munitions in Syria (CMC)
Cluster munitions: A banned weapon (CMC)
CCM treaty status overview (CMC)
International cooperation and assistance under the CCM (CMC)
Cluster Munition Monitor country profiles