Composition 2021-2022

After Part 2 of the Second Review Conference (2RC) held in Geneva from 20-21 September 2021, States welcomed the 2021-2022 Coordination Committee:

President of the 10MSP United Kingdom 2021-2022  
President-designate (11MSP) Iraq 2021-2022
Immediate past President (2RC) Switzerland 2021-2022
General status and operation of the Convention Namibia 2019-2022
France 2021-2023
Universalisation The Philippines 2019-2022
Spain 2021-2023
Victim assistance Mexico 2019-2022
Chile 2021-2023
Clearance and risk education Sweden 2018-2022
Guyana 2021-2023
Stockpile destruction Australia 2019-2022
Bulgaria 2021-2023
International cooperation and assistance Montenegro 2019-2022
Germany 2021-2023
Transparency measures Iraq 2021-2022
National implementation measures New Zealand 2021-2022
Observer Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC)
Observer International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
Observer United Nations
Secretariat ISU-CCM