Composition 2014-2015

The Coordination Committee consists of the President, the President-designate, as well as the former President and Coordinators appointed to the various thematic areas of the Convention.

In addition to States parties, the UN, the ICRC and the CMC are invited to Committee meetings as active members with observer status. This is the composition of the Coordination Committee from Fifth Meeting of States Parties to the First Review Conference:

Coordinators State Period     
President Costa Rica 5MSP
President-designate Croatia 1RC
General status and operation of the Convention Netherlands 2014-2015
Lebanon 2014-2016
Universalization Norway 2014-2015
Ecuador 2014-2016
Victim assistance Mexico 2014-2015
Australia 2014-2016
Clearance and risk reduction education Switzerland 2014-2015
Bosnia and Herzegovina 2014-2016
Stockpile destruction and retention Albania 2014-2015
France 2014-2016
Cooperation and assistance Chile 2014-2015
Austria 2014-2016
Transparency reporting Belgium 2014-2015
National implementation measures New Zealand 2014-2015
Representatives CMC
Representatives ICRC
Representatives UN
Executive Coordinator & Interim ISU UNDP-BCPR