Balkan regional workshop: States and organizations gathered in Sarajevo for a technical workshop on Article 4 of the CCM

The ‘Balkans workshop on cluster munition survey and clearance and implementation of Article 4 of the CCM’ took place in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, on 8-10 November. Norway, former CCM Coordinator on Clearance and Risk Reduction Education, along with one of the current CCM Coordinators on this thematic, the Netherlands, organized this technical workshop, which brought together representatives of 4 affected States from the region, 5 donor States, 1 donor organization and 3 demining agencies.

The goal of the workshop was to encourage affected States to continue with their efforts on clearance and for States and operators to share their experiences with one another, through discussions on completion planning, challenges, lessons learnt, regional collaboration and available support.

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