Day 1: General exchange of views

Statement by Zambia
Statement by Lebanon
Statement by Iraq
Statement by Lao PDR
Statement by Italy
Statement by Jordan
Statement by Norway
Statement by Holy See
Statement by Indonesia
Statement by Germany
Statement by Chile
Statement by Denmark
Statement by Sweden
Statement by Grenada
Statement by Switzerland
Statement by Jamaica
Statement by Peru
Statement by Portugal
Statement by New Zealand
Statement by Colombia
Statement by Gabon
Statement by Czech Republic
Statement by Samoa
Statement by Mauritania
Statement by Bosnia and Herzegovina
Statement by Armenia
Statement by Mozambique
Statement by Austria
Statement by Spain
Statement by Japan
Statement by Ireland
Statement by Cambodia
Statement by the United Kingdom
Statement by Ghana
Statement by Morocco
Statement by Malaysia
Statement by Viet Nam
Statement by Nigeria
Statement by Mexico
Statement by Burkina Faso
Statement by France
Statement by Uruguay
Statement by Australia
Statement by Tajikistan
Statement by Guatemala
Statement by Mali
Statement by the Netherlands
Statement by Kenya
Statement by Uganda
Statement by Benin
Statement by the Republic of Moldova
Statement by Costa Rica
Statement by Hungary
Statement by Slovenia
Statement by the Philippines
Statement by Croatia
Statement by Belgium
Statement by South Sudan
Statement by Senegal
Statement by Suriname
Statement by South Africa
Statement by Thailand
Statement by Burundi
Statement by Luxembourg
Statement by Libya
Statement by Saint Kitts and Nevis
Statement by Cameroun
Statement by Liberia
Statement by Canada
Statement by CISR
Statement by EU
Statement by CMC
Statement by UN IACG