15:00-16:30: Technical workshop Victim Assistance

Objectives of the workshop
– To enhance understanding of victim assistance in the context of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CPRD)
– To provide practical information on measures to implement victim assistance in the framework of implementation of the CRPD
– To emphasize the importance of reporting on victim assistance activities

Overview of progress made and outline of the remaining challenges. Co-chairs, Afghanistan and  Bosnia Herzegovina, Coordinators on Victim Assistance

Legal ramifications of the CCM Article 5 related to the CRPD.  Co-chair, Bosnia Herzegovina, Coordinator on Victim Assistance

Assisting cluster munitions victims in the context of the implementation of the CRPD. Ms. Maraisa Mc Carthy, Consultant UNDP

Promoting the Victim assistance in the framework of the CRPD: Afghanistan and Bosnia Herzegovina case studies. M. Mohammad Shafiq Yosufi, Director for Department of Mine Clearance (DMC), Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA);  Prof. Edin Osmanbegovic, University of Tuzla, Bosnia Herzegovina

Reporting obligations on victim assistance under the CCM. Coordinator on Reporting, Belgium

Statement by CMC