11:30-13:00: Technical workshop Stockpile destruction

Objectives of the workshop:
– To provide information on the costs of stockpiling cluster munitions;
– To provide information on effective ways of destroying stockpiles of cluster munitions;
– To provide information on innovative and cost-effective technologies to destroy stockpiles;
– To emphasize the importance of reporting on stockpile destruction activities

Overview of progress made and outline of the remaining challenges. Co-chairs, Croatia and Spain, Coordinators on Stockpile Destruction and Retention

Stockpile destruction: the benefits of starting early. M. John Rawson, Advisor, Ammunition Safety Management, Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD)

Stockpile destruction – experience from Croatia. Lt. Col. Marijan Jozić, Arms Control Inspector, Department of Multilateral Affairs and International Security, Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Croatia

Stockpile destruction: experience from Spain. M. Iñigo Laquidain Hergueta, Ministry of Defence, Spain

Reporting obligations on Stockpile Destruction and Retention under the CCM. Coordinator on Reporting, Belgium