16:30-18:00: Technical workshop Cooperation and Assistance

Objectives of the workshop:
– To gain a better understanding of the policies, approaches and best practices of donors towards the future funding of stockpile destruction and victim assistance in a long term perspective.
– To identify other channels (other than the traditional mine action funding channels) available and being utilized to support victim assistance, including triangular and south-south cooperation.
– To gain a better understanding on how donor governments could ensure that they approach victim assistance from a broad and long term perspective (i.e. medical care through to economic inclusion and social reintegration).

Introduction and outline of the remaining challenges. Co-chairs, Mexico and Sweden, Coordinators on Cooperation and Assistance

NATO Support Agency (NSPA) in support of the CCM. M. Claude Peffer, Ammo Sp Branch, General Services Programme, NATO Trust Fund

Funding stockpile destruction and victim assistance – A perspective from Norway. Ms. Ingunn Vatne, Senior Adviser, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

 Integrating disability into international cooperation: the UNPRPD  Ms. Krista Orama, Associate Human Rights Officer, Human Rights and Disability Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)

Reporting obligations on cooperatrion and assistance under the CCM. Coordinator on Reporting, Belgium