Day 3: International Cooperation and Assistance Session

International Cooperation and Assistance (chaired by South Africa)

States Parties with obligations to destroy stockpiles, clear affected areas and assist victims and signatory States that have stockpiles, areas contaminated by cluster munition remnants and cluster munitions victims that would require actions in accordance with Articles 3, 4 and 5 were encouraged to provide an update on identifying gaps, needs and priorities for cooperation and assistance.

States Parties and signatories seeking assistance were also encouraged to provide an update on the measures they are taking to facilitate the provision of international assistance, mobilize national resources and to promote cooperation between States and actors giving and receiving assistance.

States Parties and other delegations in a position to provide assistance were encouraged to respond to the needs and gaps identified by States in the preceding sessions on stockpile destruction, clearance and risk reduction and victim assistance.

Statement by Cluster Munition Coalition
Statement by Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining
Statement by Australia
Statement by Côte d’Ivoire
Statement of Lao PDR
Statement of Norway
Statement of Chad
Statement of Burundi
Statement by Mexico
Statement by UNMAT
Statement of International Committee of the Red Cross