Day 1: Stockpile Destruction and Retention Session

Stockpile destruction and retention (chaired by Germany)

States Parties with stockpile destruction obligations and signatory States possessing stockpiles of cluster munitions which would have to be destroyed in accordance with Article 3 of the Convention were encouraged to provide an update on their plans, priorities and progress on their efforts to implement the Vientiane Action Plan.

Statement by Switzerland
Statement by Norway
Statement and Presentation by Germany
Statement by Canada
Statement by Bosnia and Herzegovina
Statement by Czech Republic
Statement by Guinea-Bissau
Statement and Presentation by United Kingdom
Statement by Croatia
Statement by Hungary
Statement by Japan
Statement by Australia
Statement by Colombia
Statement by International Committee of the Red Cross
Statement on Stockpile Destruction by Cluster Munition Coalition
Statement on Retention by Cluster Munition Coalition
Statement by UNMAT
Statement by France
Statement by Italy