Croatia, President of the Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM), welcomes the elimination of cluster munitions by Italy

On 31 October 2015 the Government of Italy completed the destruction of its entire stockpile of cluster munitions and related submunitions in accordance with its obligations as a State Party to the Convention on Cluster Munitions.

Croatia welcomes the destruction of stockpiled cluster munitions by Italy, which comes almost five years ahead of the deadline set by Article 3 of the Convention, which requires States Parties to destroy all stockpiles of cluster munitions within eight years after the Convention entered into force.

On this occasion, Croatia would like to recall Italy’s involvement in the Convention on Cluster Munitions and its calls for a total ban of cluster bombs. Italy’s firm commitment to the CCM is further evidenced through its fulfillment of one of the Convention’s core obligations.

Finally, we all share a common responsibility and moral conscience to ensure that human lives are not lost to these inhumane and deadly weapons and that our world is clear of cluster munitions.