The Lusaka Progress Report finalized

The Lusaka Progress Report was finalized at the 4MSP in Lusaka, on September 13. Available here in English, it will be shortly available in all the UN languages on the website of UNOG.

The Lusaka Progress Report is based on publicly available information, including in particular statements made at formal and informal meetings under the Convention, as well as national transparency reports.

The Lusaka Progress Report is an attempt to summarize how far we have come in implementing the CCM, and to identify some of the remaining challenges. On the basis of this analysis, the report then presents some questions that may be addressed by the 4MSP. Please note that neither the trends or the figures, nor the challenges or questions identified, are meant to be exhaustive. Many variables, challenges and questions have been left out in the preparation of this report, and those included have been chosen on the basis of their perceived importance to the implementation of the CCM.