The Convention on Cluster Munitions in Lebanon ten years on: achievements and challenges ahead


Mines Advisory Group (MAG)


Since the entry into force of the Convention on Cluster Munitions, Lebanon has made huge strides in the implementation of the CCM, including defining the contamination baseline, improving clearance methodologies, as well as mainstreaming gender and advancing women’s participation in cluster munitions and mine action programmes.

The end is in sight – with the right level of support, Lebanon can achieve compliance with CCM Article 4 obligations during the period of the Lausanne Action Plan and before its extension request deadline on 1 May 2026. Staying on track to achieve this goal will require continued national ownership, partnership and assistance to overcome any challenges along the way.

This side event will profile the progress achieved by Lebanon over the last ten years and explore the impact that cluster munitions clearance has had on development in Lebanon. It will also look to the future, assessing plans to address remaining contamination and the need to achieve sustainable national capacities through capacity development.

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