Sessions and statements

First Preparatory Meeting for the First Review Conference
Geneva, 5 February 2015
Item 2 of the provisional agenda

Adoption of the agenda for the First Preparatory Meeting
Provisional agenda

Submitted by the President to the Fifth Meeting of States Parties

1. Opening of the First Preparatory Meeting.

2. Adoption of the agenda for the First Preparatory Meeting.

3. Recommendation of a draft agenda, provisional programme of work and rules of  procedure for the First Review Conference.

4. Vice-Presidents of the First Review Conference.

5. Presentation on the review of the Vientiane Action Plan (VAP).
– Introduction of the Review VAP_Universalization
– Introduction of the Review VAP_Stockpile destruction
– Introduction of the Review VAP_Clearance and destruction of cluster munitions remnants and risk reduction activities
– Introduction of the Review VAP_Victim assistance
– Introduction of the Review VAP_International cooperation and assistance
– Introduction of the Review VAP_Transparency and exchange of information measures
Introduction of the Review VAP_National implemetation measures

Statement by EU
Statement by Italy
Statement by Zambia
Statement by the CMC
Statement by MAG
Statement by Spain

6. Exchange of views on the preparation of a review of the operation and status of the Convention 2010-2014.

7. Exchange of views on a political declaration to be adopted at the First Review
Statement by Norway
Statement by the UK
Statement by the CMC

8. Exchange of views on the preparation of the Dubrovnik Action Plan.
Statement by the Netherlands

9. Exchange of views on a post-First Review Conference programme of meetings and machinery.
– Statement by Sweden
Statement by the CMC
Statement by France
Statement by the UK

10. Exchange of views on matters pertaining to the financing of the Implementation Support Unit.
Statement by France

11. Updates on logistical and administrative matters.
Presentation by the President-designate to the 1st Review Conference

12. Other matters.

13. Consideration and adoption of a procedural report of the First Preparatory Meeting.

14. Closure of the Meeting.