Session I: Status of the CCM in Africa & re-cap of the Accra Action Plan

Presentations & statements:

Presentations on:
Re-cap of Accra Action Plan (Ghana)
Universalization of the CCM & the 4MSP (Zambia)

Call for universalization (CMC)

Updates from States:
Statement by Mali
Statement by DRC
Statement by Madagascar
Statement by Swaziland
Statement by Mauritania
Statement by South Africa
Statement by Congo
Statement by Benin
Statement by Zimbabwe
Statement by Cote d’Ivoire
Statement by Namibia
Statement by Senegal
Statement by Seychelles
Statement by South Sudan
Statement by Libya
Statement by Tanzania
Statement by Liberia
Statement by Niger
Statement by Sierra Leone
Statement by Burkina Faso

Statements from organizations:
Statement by UNREC