General exchange of views

Statement by Italy (on behalf of the EU)
Statement by Holy See
Statement by Swaziland
Statement by Ecuador
Statement by Norway
Statement by Switzerland
Statement by Lao  PDR
Statement by Belize
Statement by Congo
Statement by Honduras
Statement by Italy
Statement by Thailand
Statement by UK
Statement by Chile
Statement by Jamaica
Statement by UN-IACG-MA
Statement by OHCHR
Statement by New Zealand
Statement by Uganda
Statement by Guatemala
Statement by Slovenia
Statement by Somalia
Statement by Spain
Statement by Namibia
Statement by Canada (French version)
Statement by El Salvador
Statement by Paraguay
Statement by Costa Rica
Statement by Italy
Statement by Iraq
Statement by China
Statement by Burkina Faso
Statement by Australia
Statement by Lebanon
Statement by Panama
Statement by Senegal
Statement by Belgium
Statement by Tajikistan
Statement by Japan
Statement by Portugal
Statement & declaration by Cuba
Statement by Germany
Statement by Colombia
Statement by Mexico
Statement by France
Statement by Zambia
Statement by Mauritania
Statement by South Sudan
Statement by IFRC
Statement by GICHD